From Chapter 11: Local school children had fun with this environmental message in Boa Vista Cape Verde Islands.

Journeys with Open Eyes : Seeking Empathy with Strangers


What on earth am I doing here?

Chapter 1: Journeys through a Child’s Eyes

Chapter 2: Summer of ’69, My Great American Road Trip
USA & Canada

Chapter 3: Learning to fly

Chapter 4: MMBA: Miles and Miles of Bloody Australia

From Chapter 11. The only way back from the penal colony of L’Ile des Pins on the other side of the world from metropolitan France in 1914, was to fight – and probably die – in the trenches at Verdun.
Chapter 5: Among Africa’s last white rulers
South Africa and Rhodesia

Chapter 6: Algeria after the French had gone

Chapter 7: Bolivia and the High Andes

Chapter 8: Four decades of turbulence in the Middle East
Kuwait; Dubai, UAE; Iran; Lebanon; Oman; Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Chapter 9: Eastern Europe before and after Communism
Poland; Soviet Union; Czech Republic and Hungary.

Chapter 10: South Asian Mosaic
India, Thailand, and Malaysia

Chapter 11: Island Postcards
Stack Rock, Pembrokeshire; Malta; Gomera/Canary Isles and Boa Vista/Cape Verde; Phi Phi Island, Thailand; L’Ile des Pins, New Caledonia; Cuba; Iona, Scotland; Great Britain.

Chapter 12: France and Spain, my alter ego

Chapter 13: Back where I started? Not quite!

From Chapter 8: Some of the most vibrant communities in the Middle East live in the most challenging circumstances.
Middle East
From Chapter 8: Abra Ferries on Deira Creek Dubai in the early 1980’s, before we persuaded the Municipality Council not to remove the dhows to Pt. Rashid and to retain and enhance this most vibrant part of the heart of Dubai
From Chaper 11: Street orchestra, Trinidad Cuba.
From Chapter 10: Bangkok’s Pat Pong has become more family friendly in recent years, but not in the mid 1990’s!
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